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Best dryer repair service in Coeur D'Alane, Idaho 


Modern electric dryers allow you to quickly dry washed clothes without damaging them, which allows you to put them on almost immediately after washing. Undoubtedly, it is convenient and practical, so when the dryer fails, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

Our specialists are ready to repair any electric dryers of all brands sold in local stores. They have a sufficient level of skills and appropriate certificates confirming their professionalism.

Among the problems that they can fix, the most common are the following:

  • No response to the power button.

  • Incorrect execution of the specified program.

  • Dryer not heating.

  • Dryer door lock not working.

  • Dryer is making noise.

  • Dryer is plugged but still won`t

  • Dryer stopped spinning.

  • Dryer won’t stop.


This is not a complete list of malfunctions that can occur with the dryer. Regardless of what exactly is not working in it, the technician from dryer repair company is ready to come to the call, make an inspection and return the dryer to a working state so that it can dry your laundry as before.

Why you should leave a request with us and how to do it


Our specialists have the professional skills to perform dryer machine repair in a short period of time. In addition, most parts are always in stock, so you don’t have to wait until the right part is purchased and installed.

You can submit a request to call the Neon Appliance Repair either directly on the website or by calling dryer repair in your location. There is an opportunity to order both an urgent call, and to arrange for a certain convenient time. In any case, you should specify a list of symptoms and the exact model of the dryer. This will allow the technician from dryer fixing service to take the necessary set of tools and parts to complete the repair work as quickly as possible. The more complete the information, the higher the chance that within an hour after the arrival of the specialist, the dryer will be able to dry your clothes again.

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