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ice maker REPAIR


Fast and professional ice maker repair service in Coeur D'Alane, Idaho 


During the summer heat, most of all you want to drink a refreshing drink with ice cubes. However, it is at this time that the appliance can fail, and the ice maker simply breaks down, leaving no ice cubes. Sometimes it may seem that this is the most important device in the kitchen, because it can be quite difficult to tolerate the heat. To quickly solve the problem with the malfunction of this appliance, you should contact our ice maker repair in your location. Technicians from Neon Appliance Repair with all the necessary skills and the appropriate set of tools are always ready to go on an urgent call to repair ice makers of any type.

Common malfunctions

The design of the ice maker provides for the possibility of fast freezing of large volumes of water with subsequent feeding of the formed ice cubes into a special container. If the time spent on this process has increased significantly, or the ice has not completely frozen, this indicates the presence of small malfunctions that can lead to a complete failure of the ice maker.

More serious problems include the following:

  • Ice maker doesn’t make ice.

  • Water leaks from ice maker.

  • Ice maker frozen up.

  • Ice cubes are too big or small.

  • The ice does not freeze at all.

  • The device does not respond to buttons or other controls.


Regardless of which one of these problems has appeared, the technician will be able to quickly fix it. This time can be further reduced by helping him during the call stage. And also you can ask about ice maker repair cost. At least approximate one.

How to speed up repairs

If you want to make sure that a specialist from ice maker service and repair can repair a faulty ice maker as soon as possible, during a phone call to our service center, you should inform not only about yourself, but also the model of the device, as well as describe in as much detail as possible what exactly the problem is. This can also be done when making an application through a special form on the ice maker repair company website. This will help the technician to understand what parts will be required in the process, and immediately take them with you from our warehouse, so that the repair will be carried out during the first visit.

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